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No fancy graphics here, the primary purpose of this page is to help preserve my sanity. I need a place to vent. I currently live in what is the most conservative congressional district in the country and most of the people around here are proud of that. Being a liberal child of the 60's has made this an impossible adjustment. I need intelligent conversation, something to clear out the cobwebs. Hopefully enough people will see this and respond before the last brain cell dies or even worse I become one of them.
Is there life out there?

A Brief History of Me Everything you need to know.

CJ's Room My Grandson was born December 29, 2004 at 24 weeks. Four Months premature. At One pound eight ounces doctors gave him little chance of survival. CJ is a miracle child. This is his story.

Greenlees and Allied Families This is a collection of genealogy research, done by a number of people, on our branch of the Greenlee family. Anyone doing similar research on the Greenlee family should check it out. If you find you are a part of our line let me know and I will add your information. If you are not connected to our line but have a web page I will add a link to your information.

Fragments of a Cracked Mirror people have asked me who I am, and how I became that person. I never intended to talk about myself but I will tell you about the people that brought me here.

Views, Opinions, Rants, Raves Etc. Just what it sounds like.

The Old Hippie Lost in Mississippi Almost thirty years ago the old hippie began a journey, a quest for enlightenment, but somewhere along the way he got lost in Mississippi. Now he's escaped into cyberspace and he's hiding here. Enjoy the trip.

PEACE!~pass it on~   This is a site I started to encourage the spread of  peace around the world.

Save The World This is the beginning of a new page. Saving the world is something we will all have to work together to accomplish. Therefore I hope to have a lot of input here and we can work on it together.

Links I Like Everybody else does it.

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