a brief history of me 

Born in the late forties, I actually lived in the Ozzie and Harriet, Leave It To Beaver type family in the fifties. My brother even looked a little like the beav. Junior high and high school were much like the show Happy Days. I wanted to be the Fonz but I was more like Ritchie. So I can't blame my parents for any weirdness I might have. Maybe I should feel guilty that my brother and I are evidently some of the few who didn't come from a dysfunctional family. College in the late sixties was when I became the radical some people think I am. I did attend anti-war demonstrations. I remember when streaking was the fad (no I never did). I married in the seventies and divorced in the eighties. My daughter was born in 1978 and she's the reason for me to be here in the nineties. That's pretty much it with just a few details in between.

Update to 2000+ I now have two granddaughters and my daughter is raising them to be little hippies too.

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