Maybe they're right. Maybe all homosexuals are going to hell (if you believe in the place). My question now is what business is it of theirs. If they're anywhere near as compassionate as they claim shouldn't they be trying to understand and not judging. For some reason the Christian right believes that accepting someone for who they are is promoting homosexuality. If you listen to them, the schools are full of gay teachers trying to convert all of our children. Instead it's them who are trying to convert the children. I watched a show on television the other day. Parents had sent their daughter, in her early teens, to a clinic and it was using aversion therapy on her. She was threatened and they seriously messed with her mind. I can just imagine the problems she might have later. What are they afraid of? You can't catch it and no matter what some people believe, I don't believe that if there isn't the tendency at an early age that you can convert someone to being a homosexual. There is more and more evidence that it is something genetic. Something you are born with. If that's the case there is a strong possibility you inherit the genes or combination of genes from your parents. So If you are a parent, and you have a gay child, it makes no sense at all for you to condemn them for something they have no control about.

I've lived in Mississippi five years now and for the first four I couldn't make any real friends. The gap between my beliefs and most of the people I met was just too much to overcome. The local newspaper pulled an cartoon (For Better or Worse) and refused to print it because the editor decided it was unsuitable for his readers. I'll deal with censorship on another page. I wrote a letter to the editor in protest and before it was over with I seriously expect the Klan to show on my steps. I obtained the cartoons from another newspaper and posted them on the wall behind where I work. You wouldn't believe the response. I actually had people preaching and quoting bible verses to me. Interesting thing is I wrote down the verses, got a bible and looked them up. The quotes were totally out of context. When I pointed this out the people decided I was just too hard to deal with. Back to my point. Last year I was shopping for a special item for a person I drew in the gift pool at work. After searching all over town I finally found a very unique store with all kinds of imported items and a variety of interesting stuff. I found just exactly what I wanted and made the first real friends I had made since I moved to Mississippi. The owners of the store were a gay couple and after spending a while in a very open and intelligent conversation I was told about a club they owned. Most of the people there are gay but the crowd is mixed with all kinds of people being themselves and having a good time. There's a computer wiz that goes there. There's a college professor. There are also people that work at McDonalds and nobody judges anyone. I've made a number of friends and my daughter even had her last birthday party there.

So this is one subject that no one can change my mind about. The only difference between a heterosexual and a homosexual is their sexual orientation and I can tell you from experience that if you aren't homosexual they're not interested in trying to convert you. Maybe because they know that it can't be done. What I also find interesting is I have yet to find even one person afraid that I'm going to convert them to being straight. 

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Homophobia and Heterosexism


What are we so afraid of? That's what I'd like to know!

American Psychological Association Interesting study on why people are homophobic. 

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