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Seriously Cool

My Brother Go Cruzin', Visit Liberal Land and find out what the Bung Brothers are up to.

It's GYANI'S Place This is my friend from India and he has a new page. I think you will enjoy his tour of friends, family and country.

Barbara's Home Page Just to show you the web is making the world smaller. This is someone I met in college and she found me totally by accident. Her page is new so check it out and be sure to say hello for me. Barbara has a  Holocaust  page that I highly recommend.

 Nobody for President Makes sense to me.

Mystic's Haven You'll enjoy this place. Brenda points out that life is good. Sometimes we tend to forget. Nice to have a reminder.

Susan's Pad Check out Susan's place. Rock and Roll history and more.

The Freak Out Homepage Definitely not for you racist, bigoted, homophobic, right-wing wacko types. Explore the mind of Tina. You'll enjoy the trip. Check out the link to Kate's Page while you're there. Kate's only 14 but she's wise beyond her years.

The Heavenly Haven of Peace Kai is seventeen and lives in Johannesburg, South Africa. His site will blow you away.

Egor Kobylkin's Place Check out my friend Egor's place and say hi. He's a student at a university in Moscow.

People for the American Way Want to know what the right is up to? Check it out and join the cause.

Calvin The kid we all want to be.

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