Sometimes I see or hear something that makes me seriously angry. Things that it seems to me, should make everyone mad. This is my place to express my rage. Sometimes I'm ashamed to be one of us

Got a rage share it. Got an opinion about one of my rages tell me.

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Mutant Frogs! Sounds like some kind of cheesy science fiction movie doesn't it? Problem is it's real. It's been reported in Minnesota that tainted water is causing frogs to be born with extra, missing or misshapen limbs, missing or shrunken eyes and other deformities. Its not only Minnesota, reports come for a dozen other states and Canada as well. The Republicans controlling congress have already cut funding for the EPA and want to reduce their powers even more. Do we wait until people start to mutate? 
This rage was passed on to me from Annette in Tennessee.

She asks "have you been keeping up with Project Cassini, our dearly beloved government is going to send up 72.3 pounds of Plutonium around the Earth, then send it as a care package to Saturn! ! ! The rocket is going to be orbited around the Earth 4 or 5 times to gain speed, then blast off to Saturn! If anything goes wrong, on take-off, or as it circles the Earth, it's going to rain enough Plutonium to give cancer to 12 billion people !!! And, get this; there are NINE more Plutonium missions planned ! ! ! ! This is absurd ! ! ! "

I agree and if you too are concerned you can find out more by going to the web site of The Farm and clicking onto the Cassini link. 

I was eating at Pizza Hut today. I watched a woman going through the buffet line picking up pizza, with her hands, looking at it and then either putting it on her plate or putting it back. I was soooo tempted to follow her back to her table and start picking up her food off her plate and then putting it back. Think she might have been a little upset. Some people should have to wear their stupid sign around their neck. 
Does it make you mad when you see a big four wheel drive, with huge tires, parked in a handicapped space and you see some big obviously healthy guy come out, climb in (it sits so high you almost need a step ladder to get in) and drive off totally unconcerned? It does me! 
Tonight I've been watching 48 hours. It's about a militia in Utah. these people are really scary, talking about armed revolution against the government. The redneck sheriff isn't much better talking about how he can take them if they do anything. The paranoia is unbelievable. Waiting for someone in the government to come after them. They were actually teaching their children to be racist and showing them how to use guns when they're not much more than babies. What's most scary is that this is not just some kind of isolated case. They have groups like this in every state. Some states have several. How do you deal with people like this? I swear they all have this wild eyed drugged out look and I finally remembered this look. It's Charles Manson's look and that's very frightening to me. 
First let me set the scene. Today is labor day and I didn't have to work so I decided to do some work on my car that I had been putting off. I've been running around all day back and forth to the parts store. I had to stop for gas. Here I am in dirty jeans, torn, greasy t-shirt with hair that hangs almost to the middle of my back. I pulled into a convience store, stopped at the pumps, pulled the nozzle, flipped the switch and within seconds I was pumping my gas. As I was pumping another car pulled up beside me. This car was nicer and much newer than mine. Driving this car was a black man I would estimate to be in his mid-twenties. Clean-cut in casual clothes. Could have been a young doctor or lawyer as far as I know. What I'm trying to say is this fellow looked far less dangerous than me. When I went in to pay for my gas he was still standing there waiting for his pump to be turned on. I walked in the door, pointed out to the man and told the lady behind the counter "turn that pump on for him". Until this time I had assumed she either thought she had turned the pump on or not noticed him but the look on her face told me different. She looked out at him, then back at me and started to say something. I guess she decided it was best not to say what she wanted to so she reached over and turned the pump on and then looked back at me with a "are you satisfied now look". After paying for my gas i went back out and as I was about to get in my car a voice called "hey". I turned and he said "thanks". I said "no problem" and then he said "I know and that's what counts". I realized at that point that this wasn't an isolated instance for him and he probably encountered this type of racism all the time. I don't know if this was this woman's own personal prejudice or store policy and I know if she were confronted she would swear she wasn't a racist. This is were the us comes in. I didn't say anything to her. Will I go back to the store and complain? I don't know. I know I should but sometimes you wonder what's the point. Would I have made a difference? Probably not, but If I don't go back and say something to someone I'll never know will I? When even one person is a racist doesn't that affect all of us
I'm beginning this page today because yesterday the Princess of Wales (Diana), and two companions, died in an automobile accident. Today I've listened to news reports blaming the photographers that were following her. If early reports that they were chasing her at speeds up to 85 miles and hour, it would seem they did contribute to her death and they should be punished. If they caused the accident then they should go to jail and if it's true that some of them took pictures and left before the police got there without trying to help, I hope they have a conscience and it eats them up for the rest of their lives wondering if they could have saved her. Now let me state the real reason for my writing this. The photographers are not the only ones to blame. The trash tabloids pay huge amounts of money for pictures of celebrities. Why do they pay so much? To sell their papers! This brings it all down to us. If people didn't buy the papers, that print the pictures, there would be no market for the pictures and therefore the photographers would not be stalking people whose only crime is that they are famous. So what do we do? Ban the papers? Censor them? NO! They have just as much right to exist and any other newspaper. Just don't buy them! 
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