One World - Our World - It's all we have! 

Quite simply put if we lose the one we have where do we go? We wage war among ourselves. People are hated for their religion or the color of their skin or their sexual orientation or their political views or their financial status or any number of other useless reasons. We pollute our rivers, and lakes, the oceans, the air and the earth itself. We eliminate forever animals and plants. I remember seeing flocks of butterflies when I was young. Lightning bugs sometimes would light up the night. Today I'm amazed when I see any at all. I know it all seems overwhelming and you think "what can I do", and you're right. You can't do much by yourself but if we all join together, become one voice, there is nothing we can't accomplish. A tiny drip may be annoying but enough drips and you have a roaring waterfall. Lets work together and save our world. 

Peace! Peace is something you can't keep for your self. You have to pass it on.

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Last Updated October 11, 1998