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This is the main reason for me to have a web page. I also want to have some fun but I must have a place to relieve myself of some of the frustrations I encounter. I plan to cover whatever is bothering me at the moment so it's no telling what you'll see here. I would love to hear from those of you with similar thoughts and for those of you who disagree if you respect my opinions feel free to voice your opinion but if you can't respect my freedom to express myself don't waste you time. 

I'll admit there have been some changes in the world but they have been too few and far too slow coming. People still starve while tons of food is thrown away each day. People still die in the name of religion. People are still considered inferior because of the color of their skin. Gender still makes a difference. People are denied rights and sometimes are killed because of their sexual orentation. Why?

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So far I've had only positive responses to this page. While I appreciate these, there has to be some of you who disagree with me. e-mail me and let's get it on. Promise I won't call you any names (that you don't deserve).

It finally happened. I got some hate mail. Wanna see? Sorry it's only one.

Ok since posting that one I've had a couple more but nothing interesting. Like the one that said "get the hell out of Mississippi. you're not welcome". That was all it said. No name or anything. Inventive huh. So if you want to get posted try thinking and send me a name. I won't post the name or address unless you ask me to. Also disagreeing with me is not considered hate mail so don't worry about being posted if you only have a different view. 

Racism I don't get it!

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Homophobia Find out what it is, why it exist and my views.

Censorship They want to tell you what to think.

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